O.M.T. Fabbrica Viterie stands out for its excellence by supplying reliable and quality-oriented products and services.

The corporate quality management policy focuses on enhancing the performance of the entire supply chain, developing a process approach, reducing non-compliances and continuously defining new opportunities for improvement.
O.M.T. Fabbrica Viterie applies the concept of measured quality in the monitoring and measurement of manufacturing processes, as a structural approach to detect out-of-control processes, eliminate non-conformities and significantly reduce variability with a view to continuous improvement.
Process control starts from the receipt of the raw material and continues until the delivery of the finished product, together with a constant monitoring of the production data, automatic selection processes and traceability of each batch.



Dedicated control plans and special equipment to keep our quality standards high

One of the most important purposes that the Company strides to reach highlights the will to offer to customers an excellent service. For this reason, O.M.T. Fabbrica Viterie has always invested in an in-house quality laboratory where it is possible to perform metrological, metallographic and mechanical tests. Eventual tests of more technical details are entrusted to external certified laboratories.



Suppliers as a key success factor

To ensure that processes and services externally supplied do not affect negatively the capability of O.M.T. to deliver products meeting the requirements, O.M.T. encourages and supports the development and improvement of the performance of its suppliers, and it establishes a relationship, with each of them, that satisfies the needs and expectations of mutual satisfaction and continuity of service. Suppliers are asked to share and to align themselves with the principles and dictates enunciated in the CODE OF ETHICS AND CONDUCT of O.M.T. Fabbrica Viterie.